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About EXP Side Quest Rewards

As noted on the Side Quest page, we have a special reward for honored patrons who participate in our Side Quests. The EXP+ Potion will always be the reward, but each batch turns out a little different (because the shopkeep is terrible at measurements and can't math). The shop only bottles 100 batches of brew at a time and once it's gone, it's gone. There is no grading system, so some may come a little scratched or dented... but it's all in the luck of the draw! Only 1 reward is allowed per patron because each batch is limited in quantity! 

Typically side quests are held at shows and conventions to allow participants to redeem their reward as soon as they complete their quest! We also have an ongoing quest that automatically earns you a bottled brew when you make any purchase of $25 USD or more and mention 'GOLD SUPPORT' upon checkout, in which your gift will be shipped with the rest of your goods.

For the extremely rare event where a service type side quest is held digitally, we give patrons a choice on how to have their reward shipped. Patrons are allowed to choose if they want tracking on their earned reward or if they wish to allow fate to guide the reward to them:

  • Tracking: If tracking is chosen, patrons are asked to provide payment for only shipping costs. A tracked parcel will also be properly wrapped for safe delivery.

  • No Tracking: If tracking is refused, then the reward will be shipped in a regular envelope which may be lost or damaged on it's journey to you. We cannot be responsible for any untracked packages and will not be able to replace the lost item!

Thank you for participating and we hope you enjoy our little side quests!

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