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How to Not Lose Enamel Pins

Those small little enamel pins are making a comeback! They're a fun subtle accessory to show off a little personality with your everyday wardrobe. However, you have to wear them to share them... but that means it's 100x easier to lose them... forever.

I experienced the heartbreak when I ordered my first set of pins, and wanted to proudly wear my creation. Knowing that I am careless by nature, I picked out a lower grade pin to stick onto my purse. I am sad to report, the pin didn't last a day. My hypothesis on why I lost the pin so quickly was because I had the pin on the outside of my cross-body purse which naturally swings around and constantly brushes against me as I walk. It wasn't a total surprise that the pin had gotten loose somewhere along the day.

So how do I make sure to never experience this feeling of loss ever again? There's a little contraption made to specifically lock onto the back of lapel pins!

How do you use a one of these locking backs? All you need to do is snap the sucker onto the back of the pin just like a regular butterfly clutch or rubber cap and the backing will securely click onto the pin. The trickier part is taking off the lock because, well, it's supposed to stay secure on your pin!

So how do you take off a locking back for enamel pins?

All you need is your fingers! You pull the smaller bottom plate, and pull it outwards to release the lock. Well, you may need a little bit of a finger nail to wedge between the small plate, but if your finger grip is accurate you shouldn't have a problem. If you are having difficulties, try pinching the larger plate against the pin to allow a better grip and then try pulling the smaller plate. In the end, the best part is that you don't need any tools!

locking back on pin
The smaller plate releases the lock.

There are many places you can find locking backs if you already have a whole pin collection that you want to keep safe, but show off to the world. Of course you can find locking backs on one of the largest marketplaces in the world: Amazon. Most locking backs sold are in silver, but there's a few that have the backs available in gold. Below is an affiliate link to a vendor who sells them on Amazon:

With this tiny contraption, I hope you never lose your precious enamel pins ever again!

*Disclaimer: I'm not going to claim that your pins will never fall off with this type of pin back, but you never know what kind of crazy things you can end up doing in a day that just may end up separating you from that beloved pin. I suppose a little mindfulness always helps. :)

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