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PlanetOnwards Intro

What better way to kick off PlanetOnwards blog section than on Earth Day!

I built out this blog section because I am an avid outdoor adventurer who will find any excuse to go outside. However, during 9-5 on weekdays I'm stuck inside as a marketing specialist for a packaging distributor which I find is quite contradictory to my hobby.

I don't really find my job fulfilling especially when we're constantly reminded more each day about the plastic that humanity is drowning in. It's painful to think that I am contributing to the ocean of waste, but instead of just dwelling on the negative consequences of my job I see my odd position as an opportunity to share my knowledge and experiences gained in the packaging industry.

Already having done research to understand my industry and to be a resource to many new customers, I have found most articles to provide some information, but a lot of times the information is used to promote the packaging company. With so much packaging out there in the world, I have yet stumble across one resource that addresses all kinds of packaging. Combined with my experiences gained in the packaging industry and additional research you can think of me as an insider to the packaging world.

In addition to packaging, I will also address challenges beyond just the packaging, because the packaging is just a residual effect to our mindset as a society. I'll also address the challenges of reducing our footprint.

Through this blog, I strive to share my little bits of knowledge and carry out my mission: to do my part to keep this planet moving onwards.

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