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Secret Sunflower Society Side Quest

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

From 07.30.2021-08.01.2021, artists set up their shop in Animanga's artist alley to sell their wares. Unbeknownst to our shopkeep, we heard a select few of these artists gathered at this very artist alley are allies to a group which has been identified as the Secret Sunflower Society.

In an effort to show our alliance to the society as well, we filled our shop with sunflowers! We also recruited adventurers willing to take on the task to help us find these artists since we couldn't leave the shop. They were sent off to wander the bustling aisles of the lively artist alley to seek out these mysterious artists with only a clue of these artists being marked with a single sunflower stem.

Adventurers embarked on the quest and successfully seeked out these amazing artists! As a small token, these adventurers were rewarded with our 1st edition EXP+ potion brew.

We thank everyone for participating in the side quest including the artists below:


#expsidequest #sidequest

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