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Soot Sweep!

Updated: May 17, 2020


EXP ShopCo just opened it's doors for any patrons interested in checking out the new setup! We're not quite ready for a full launch celebration and need a little help cleaning up just a tad bit more. There have been sightings of soot spirits floating around the shop! There have been 5 sightings in total! We hear three are relatively easy to stumble across, but the last two have had very few sightings.

They're not bad spirits! They just want to make sure the place is in good hands! Your task will be to find these soot spirits hiding around the shop (they're not just in the shop pages! Make sure you search every nook and cranny of the site!) When you find them, toss them some konpeito and we have a small spell for each soot spirit cloud (yup it's a different spell for each group of spirits because they have their own unique interests y'know?) ready for you to send them away! Don't worry, you'll know the magic words when you find the spirit... because they're magic.

Since soots kind of just float and all, it'll take a few days for them to disappear, so as proof you've completed the task, send a message to @expgained with all the magic words used! Once approved, the shopkeep will send you a reward voucher to share and boast your glory! There are two reward tiers for this quest! (you can only earn one):

+ 1-4 Correct Magic Words: EXP+ Travel Charm Sticker Voucher*

+ 5 Correct Magic Words: EXP+ Potion Pin Voucher*

* Shopkeep's been slacking and the rewards just aren't done yet! But you'll be receiving a voucher as proof you completed this quest and we will collect your details anyways so we can ship out your reward when ready! (more on reward shipping details here)

The shopkeep will also reach out for contact details on where to send your reward! What are you waiting for! Get soot sweeping!

Oh! I guess all the soots are gone! Seems they've all been appeased with some konpeito, here's a few left, but we just keep them as pets now.


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