A set of cute magical spirits all bottled up and ready to accompany you on your daily adventures:

  • Sugar Spirit: The sugar spirit is powered by colorful little Japanese konpeito candies and sweeten any sour day!
  • Fire Spirit: The powerful fiery demon is fueled by his favorite breakfast: bacon and eggs...keep him well fed and he'll lend his fiery might!
  • Music Spirit: The little forest spirit harnesses the calming forces of nature by playing a quiet melody to soothe any day's hardships!
  • Money Spirit (OUT OF STOCK): A happy masked spirit loves spreading prosperity, but don't get too greedy...you may face a much scarier form...
  • Cat Spirit: The little black scaredy cat's yowls are sure to take away all your fears!
  • Friends Spirit: The bird mouse pair have an inspearable bond of friendship, they'll lend their power to strengthen yours too!
  • Bubbles Spirit: The yellow mellow birdy spirit will send soothing vibes to any rough day... a reminder to enjoy the bubbles and make time for some self-care!
  • Radish Spirit (OUT OF STOCK): The motivational radish spirit will always be by your side to cheer you on through any challenge!


Mix and match any 4 spirits and an extra spirit is sure to tag along! (choose 5 designs for $40 price!).

 Keep these spirits pinned on you at all time and you can borrow their magic to get you through any day! Which spirit will you choose? 


✨ Grade: A
✨ Size: 0.9 x 1.2 in (wxh) | 23.6 x 31.2 mm (wxh) mm
✨ Material: Raised Gold Metal
✨ Finish: Hard Enamel
✨ Features: 'kzli888' back imprint
✨ Backing: 2x Gold Butterfly Clasp | 2x Black Rubber Caps
✨ Best Used On: Shirts, jackets, purses, backpacks, bags, hats, or any other kind of fabrics you can pin on!
✨ Includes: Backing Card artwork

Mix n Match Bottled Ghibli Spirits Enamel Pins

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