A set of cute Ghibli spirits all bottled up and ready to accompany you on your daily adventures! Keep them pinned on you at all time and you can borrow their magic to get you through any day! A few of your favorite spirits are readily available for individual purchase or (for a little extra strength) as a whole set! We have a sugar spirit commonly known as a soot spirit (or susuwatari) which is powered by colorful little Japanese konpeito candies, a forest spirit known as a chibi totoro which harnesses the calming forces of nature by playing a quiet melody to soothe any day's hardships, a powerful fiery demon (likes go to by the name Calcifer) which is fueled by his favorite breakfast: bacon and eggs, a happy no face spirit spreading prosperity, and a black scaredy cat to take away all your fears! Which spirit will you choose? 


✨ Grade: A
✨ Size: 0.9 x 1.2 in (wxh) | 23.6 x 31.2 mm (wxh) mm
✨ Material: Raised Gold Metal
✨ Finish: Hard Enamel
✨ Features: 'kzli888' back imprint
✨ Backing: 2x Gold Butterfly Clasp
✨ Best Used On: Shirts, jackets, purses, backpacks, bags, hats, or any other kind of fabrics you can pin on!
✨ Includes: Backing Card artwork


Inspiration: I adore Studio Ghibli and all the magical spirits that bring each movie's world to life so much that I just had to bottle them up to share with other Studio Ghibli fans!
Sugar Soot (Susuwatari) Spirit: Spirited Away & My Neighbor Totoro
Forest Chibi Totoro Spirit: My Neighbor Totoro
Fire Demon Calcifer Spirit: Howl's Moving Castle
Scaredy Cat Spirit: Kiki's Delivery Service
Happy Money Spirit: Spirited Away

Full Set of Bottled Spirits Enamel Pins

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