It's a pink (or purple) love potion brewed to bring everlasting love or cure a broken heart to the one who drinks this potion. The love potion can give you wings and raise you up, but if used carelessly you can become obsessive and delusional. Use with caution. Because of it's potency, there's a small keyhole designed on the bottle to lock away it's true potential. Pin a love potion on you or give it to another when a little extra magic is needed to spread the love! It's a must have gift for any love in your life, or even just for yourself!


✨ Grade: A
✨ Size: 0.76 x 1 (wxh) inches
✨ Material: Raised Gold Metal
✨ Finish: Hard Enamel
✨ Features: 'kzli888' back imprint
✨ Backing: Black Rubber Cap
✨ Best Used On: shirts, jackets, purses, backpacks, bags, hats, or any other kind of fabrics you can pin on!
✨ Includes: Pin backing card


 Inspiration: We're in the game of life and its important to be stocked up on potions for your daily adventure.

Pink/Purple Locked Heart Love Potion Bottle Pin

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