Pothos is a resilient little plant that will grow quickly and almost out of control with minimal water and sunlight! Also known as Devil's Ivy, she's got a mischievious smile as her vines seem to grow unruly if you don't pay attention her! 


🌱 Grade: A
🌱 Size: 1.17 x 1.44 in (wxh) | 29.8 x 36.7 mm (wxh) mm
🌱 Material: Raised Gold Metal
🌱 Finish: Hard Enamel
🌱 Features: 'kzli888' back imprint
🌱 Backing: 2x Gold Butterfly Clasp (standard)
🌱 Best Used On: Shirts, jackets, purses, backpacks, bags, hats, or any other kind of fabrics you can pin on!

🌱 Includes: Backing Card artwork


Inspiration: Plant babies are real and have been reimagined as daughters with their own unique personalities!

Pothos Plant Daughter Pin

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