[the hand behind the art and the human attached to said hand]

A curiously loud human who is always itching for a new adventure and drawing designs inspired from her adventures.


EXP Gained was born from the idea that life is an adventure. Even the smallest and tedious tasks we complete in our daily lives adds to our experience in our lifetime. kzli888, the artist behind the work, plays on this idea and applies it to her interests which include video games, Japanese animation, traveling, and the great outdoors. She designs on the inspiration sparked by her own experiences in which she hopes will resonate with others!


kzli888 is the artist's go-to user name. The kzli logo is made up of two parts: the [kzli] portion bears her initials while the [888] is for luck (refer to chinese culture and the number '8'). Since kzli888 is a bit long, the logo is used to save space and is imprinted on the back of many products. If even less space is available, the       will stand alone.

kzli icon.png


Because keeping things simple is boring. You may have noticed there's a few names floating around: kzli888, EXP Gained, EXP ShopCo. All three names are tied together and explained below: 

EXP+ Brand Colors Potion.png

EXP Gained or EXP+ in short form is the concept behind the business! The idea started in 2019 as a slice-of-life webcomic on Webtoon and Tapas. The comic pokes fun at our little life struggles we face each day, but are challenges we must conquer in order to continue leveling up in our own grand life adventure. After hitting 100 episodes at the end of February 2020, the comic has been on hiatus, but the idea itself lives on with this online shop and our instagram handle @expgained! 


EXP ShopCo is the legal name of the business (since exp gained was taken). However, EXP Gained and EXP ShopCo are often used interchangeably. If you have questions about orders or shipping, you can check out our Shop Policies page! 


We draw a lot of influence from nature and Japanese animation. My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away, and Howl's Moving Castle are three of the top Studio Ghibli films that influence our work! Also having grown up reading tons of fantasy books filled with dragons, potions, and all things fantastical, we decided to open our own potion shop to serve adventurers on their grand life journey! We also take time to get lost in our own adventures as well. We love hiking and exploring new natural wonders from out local state parks to grand national parks around the world! 

ghibli setup.jpg


We're constantly scouting for shows and cons to pop-up shop so we can meet great people like yourself! You can check the Pop-Up Schedule to see if we're headed somewhere near you... Hope to see ya around!