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[art inspired by each great park's unique experiences]


Inspired by the landscapes of each national park and wanting a way to commemorate visits to these wonders, I set out to design unique pin for each national park. Currently it's still a work in progress, but I aim to complete the entire list of national parks (and any others that get added along the way!). Each pin comes with a pin backing featuring the established date, state, and a popular landmark of that park (topology is produced by the U.S. Geological Survey). Part of the Planet Onward Collection, a portion of profit will go back to the lands that inspired the work. 

Please note I am not affiliated with the national parks, but this is simply a side project inspired by personal experiences. I haven't visited all the parks (yet!), so a lot of research goes into the ones I haven't been to. I hope these designs resonate with your personal experiences at these majestic parks.


The most beautiful part of starting this project has been discovering new places to get excited about! A personal goal with this project is to visit every national park and take a picture of the land that inspired the artwork! It's an ambitious goal, but it'll be well worth it... Below is a gallery of parks I've managed to cross off so far!