EXP+ Side Quest


EXP Side Quest on cork board surrounded by plants

Calling all adventurers! We are honored to have you as a patron of our goods and services. As a thank you, we occasionally offer side quests for honored patrons to partake in and earn a special reward! EXP ShopCo has crafted a special brew only offered to those who complete any of the side quest posting. Below are the nitty, not-so-gritty, details:


Any patron, new or old, can participate in a side quest! A bonus qualifier is to follow the shop @expgained on instagram or tiktok as a true supporter! (the shopkeep won't be double checking because realistically they are too busy running around trying to keep things in order!)

There is no pressure to participate or even complete! It's a side quest after all. You're taking time out of your adventure to help our little shop and we appreciate the thought of even asking!




There are two types of side quests: Support and Service quests:

+ Support Quests (common):

Your monetary patronage keeps the shop's lights glowing and creativity going! When you support the shop past an 'x' amount, we want to give a little something back... just make sure to follow the instructions in the quest details on how to redeem your reward!

+ Service Quests (uncommon):

These quests are uncommon because they typically only occur at pop-up events and will require you to perform a service/task. At multi-day events, the side quest board will be hanging at the booth to remind you about the available task! At single day pop-ups, you will need to remember to request the side quest from the shopkeep! [You can just casually mention 'Side Quest' and the shopkeep will know what you're talking about 😉]



As mentioned previously, the shop has brewed a special potion only for honored patrons who have generously taken time out of their busy daily adventures to complete our side quest! The EXP+ Potion will always be the reward, but each batch turns out a little different (because the shopkeep is terrible at measurements and can't math). The shop only bottles 100 batches of brew at a time and once it's gone, it's gone. There is no grading system, so some may come a little scratched or dented... but it's all in the luck of the draw! Only 1 reward is allowed per patron because each batch is limited in quantity! Read more about the reward rules here.



Below are the available quests and details to complete the quest.

GOLD SUPPORT ( Quest Type: Support | Duration: [ACTIVE]  )

Thank you for your interest adventurer!  

Contribute a monetary patronage of $25 USD or more (not including shipping) and note 'GOLD SUPPORT' in the notes before checkout to redeem this reward! We appreciate your support and want to give you a little boost as a small token from the shop. Reward: 1 EXP+ potion bottle *quest is only applicable through our storefront (expgained.com)


Thank you for making time in your main quest to complete our little side quests! We hope you enjoyed your experience and will share tales of your adventures for others to discover our little corner of the universe. As the main character in your story, we are honored for you to choose your goods to accompany you in your grand adventure. We hope you will visit again soon!