Anime Impulse EXP Event Side Quest [FIN]

Anime Impulse EXP Event Side Quest [FIN]

Anime Impulse 05.18.2024 - 05.19.2024 EXP Side Quest

Dear adventurer, spare a moment to complete a small side quest?

If you wish to accept, please continue reading the below. 

Side Quest Details

Thank you for asking about our side quest. As adventurers it is our responsibility to ensure other fellow adventurers receive support when they are in dire need. Everyone deserves a full life of adventures, but in the land of olive trees, many have been robbed or are on the brink of losing everything. There are many who are in desperate need, but we have been notified of a man named Hazem with his ill father and two young siblings under 10 in need of aid. Read down below for more information on this party*

In support of their needs, we have summoned a fox spirit to deliver aid in the form of wishes or immediate monetary aid. In this unique side quest, you have the option to complete a task of collecting a blessed wish or sending an immediate monetary donation of at minimum $5 to this party.

Below outlines instructions for each option: 

Wish Activation Task

Approach the shopkeep to request a wish tag. There are three colors you can select from: blue, yellow and pink. An act of dedication is needed to your activate your wish, in order to do so, a unique magical item must be found based on the tag color chosen. 

  • Blue: A wish for Peace - activated by a Blue Spring Garden Flower Hair Pin 
  • Yellow: A wish for Abundance - activated by a Persimmon Hair Claw
  • Pink: A wish for Strength - activated by a Golden Blood Sword Hair Pin

The magical items are rumored to be all sold by one visiting vendor in the marketplace. Once the item is found based on your wish tag, please take a picture of the item and return to the shopkeep for confirmation and proof of your dedication to activate your wish tag.


Monetary Donation

Send immediate monetary support to Hamza Ahmed and his family.

The adventurer and his family we are seeking your help to aid is Hamza Ahmed who started the first 3D artist studio in Gaza City named Cube Studio. We learned about his story through Operation Olive Branch. Displaced by the genocide in Palestine, Hamza lost his studio, home, and livelihood. Now he desperately seeks to escape with his family and team members, but needs aid to do so. We have contributed what we can, but with your support we can help Hamza and his loved ones a step closer to escaping the destruction.

Donate $5 or more via to Hamza via the portal link:

Main fundraiser photo

Once a transaction has been processed, please show the shopkeep proof of receipt to redeem your reward!

Additional Notes

Participating adventurers may complete both tasks, depending on availability, an additional reward may be given.


This side quest task has been completed. Thank you all for participating and we appreciate the help again! An extra thank you to fellow vendor Glimmish for collaborating with us on this side quest. Visit glimmish for all your hair accessory needs!


Safe Travels!

We wish you safe travels and look forward to your return. (Free Palestine! 🇵🇸)

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