ChibiChibi Con EXP Event Side Quest 05.25.2024 [FIN]

ChibiChibi Con EXP Event Side Quest 05.25.2024 [FIN]

Shape of Your Heart Side Quest

Dear adventurer, spare a moment to complete a small side quest?

If you wish to accept, please continue reading the below. 

Side Quest Details

✨🇵🇸 Quest Pass : Donate $5 or more to Gaza Artists OR PCRF and show the shopkeep your receipt to immediately receive the reward!

Thank you for asking about our side quest. Hearts come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. We'd like understand the shape of people's hearts and need your help to go into the field to collect some more information! We'd like to study a few different local artists and see what the shape of their hearts look like! We have received permission from the following artists for our research: 


Please approach each artists and ask: 'What is the shape of your heart?'

Once they show you the shape of their heart, please return to the shop and the shopkeep will ask you to identify one of the artist's hearts they are currently researching.

Once correctly identified, you will receive a reward. 

Safe Travels!

We wish you safe travels and look forward to your return. 

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