Japan Fair EXP Event Side Quest 06.29-06.30.2024 [FIN]

Japan Fair EXP Event Side Quest 06.29-06.30.2024 [FIN]

Ways of the Woods Side Quest

Dear adventurer, spare a moment to complete a small side quest?

If you wish to accept, please continue reading the below. 

Side Quest Details

✨🇵🇸 Quest Pass : Donate $5 or more to Gaza Artists OR PCRF and show the shopkeep your receipt to immediately receive the reward!

Thank you for asking about our side quest. We are looking to learn more about the ways of the woods. A local shop specializing in wood wares is an expert on different types of wood and the symbols of power that activates them. This shop is rumored to be the home of a great flying whale guardian. We need your help to seek out this sage of woods to learn the symbols of power to activate the three pieces of wood we have in our possession.  

Find the shop and approach the shopkeep to ask: What are the ways of the woods? 

Once you learn the markers of power for each type of wood,  please return to our shop and the we will ask you to identify the symbols of power for our three pieces of wood. 

Once correctly identified, you will receive a reward. 

Fin & Feather Design was the local expert on magical woods! With his assistance he was able to help identify the markers of power each type of magical wood needs. 

*Bonus!: show your reward to the wood shop to redeem an additional reward! 

Thank you so much for assisting us with this task!

We wish you safe travels and look forward to your return. 

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