Sharing our Pinmaking EXP Gains on PinPals Podcast!

Sharing our Pinmaking EXP Gains on PinPals Podcast!

We're excited to announce we were featured in Season 2, Episode 8 of Pinpals Podcast!

Pinpals Podcast is a podcast about pals who make pins! It's a great series for pin makers, collectors, or just anyone interested in pins! You can listen to the episode anywhere you listen to podcasts!

Created and produced by an awesome pinmaker himself, Warrior Pins, we hopped onto his podcast to share our experiences. We won't spill all the content here, but we tried to provide as much insight for anyone interested in getting started in the pinmaking world. From creating artwork to participating in shows, we talk about challenges we faced especially during the pandemic and small lessons we learned along our journey. Since we have a marketing background, we definitely dived into marketing and getting our name out there in this quickly growing market!

Again we're so grateful to have had the opportunity to share a little more about us and our experiences. We hope our insight is helpful to others and provides more of a view as a pinmaker and small business owner! Thanks so much for checking it out, smash that subscribe button, and buy PinPals a coffee or support the creator Warrior Pins directly for putting together such awesome content for the pin community! (I mean check out these rad graphics he put together for the show!)

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