Lost the pesky backing for your pins? Make sure your pins are locked in with a pin locking back instead! Or replacement butterfly clasps are also available. Sold in packs of 5. What's the pros and cons? Below is a comparison between the two:

🔒[Locking Back]:
An upgraded backing that does not typically come standard with pins. The back consists of a locking mechanism that involves pulling the top piece triggering a spring to release the pin from the backing.
👍Pro: Locking mechanism securely keeps pinned to any material. Less space is between the locking back and pin causing less swivel (will still swivel if moved with force). Quite sturdy, and rarely breaks (haven't experienced one breaking yet). Round back is less uncomfortable if rubbing directly on skin.
👎Con: An upgrade, slightly more expensive.


⚫️ [Black Rubber Cap]:A common backing used to secure pins. A common pin backing made of PVC which firmly grips onto the pin needle. 

👍Pro: A common standard used for pins. Can be made in a variety of colors. 

👎Con: Can sometimes get loose over time. Cannot stay securely on pin if tugged on. May be hard to remove if grip is too tight.

🦋[Gold Butterfly Clasp]:
A common backing used to secure pins. A more traditional backing made of metal with two clasps that must be squeezed together in order to release the pin from the backing.
👍Pro: A common standard used for pins. Most traditional out of all the backing options making the pin look timeless. 
👎Con: Can sometimes be loose between the material surface and pin causing the pin to swivel. The clasps can break, making it useless. Clasps can also be sharp at times and be uncomfortable if rubbing directly against skin.



5-Pack Pin Backings for Enamel Pins - Gold Butterfly Clasps or Gold Locking Back