A quiet radiance seems to emit from this potion featuring the skull of a deer. The Serenity potion is available in two colors and part of the Dark Arts collection of the shop's Potion & Power-Up series. The two different colors are rumored to have different effects: white brings a serene peace while black brings a void-like silence... or was it the other way around? Use with caution. 


✨ Grade: A
✨ Size: 1.13 x 1.75 (wxh) inches | 28.7 x 44.45 (wxh) mm
✨ Material: Metal
✨ Finish: Hard Enamel
✨ Backing: 2x Rubber Caps OR 2x Gold Butterfly Clasps
✨ Best Used On: shirts, jackets, purses, backpacks, bags, hats, or any other kind of fabrics you can pin on!
✨ Includes: Pin backing card


Inspiration: We're in the game of life and its important to be stocked up on potions for your daily adventure.

Serenity Dark Arts Potion Bottle Hard Enamel Pin

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