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At EXP, you may notice many of our designs are heavily influenced by the natural world. We have been fortunate to experience and continue to be inspired by Earth's beauty and strongly believe that it's important to preserve her gifts to inspire generations to come.

Even though we're a tiny business, we understand although our actions may be small, over time these little actions can compound into a massive footprint of waste. By becoming a business and sharing our work worldwide, we want to make sure to do our part and minimize our footprint as much as possible. We pledge to run our shop as eco-consciously as possible. Below outlines the steps we are taking to be as accountable as possible of our actions:


It's a love-hate relationship. Packaging is a huge part of the experience when getting a new product, yet it is quickly discarded as waste after it serves it's purpose of delivering the product.


We use all paper products, with most being made of recycled paper to package your product safely.   

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