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Starter Potion Bottles Pin Bundle Set

Starter Potion Bottles Pin Bundle Set

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It's your basic starter potions set. No adventure should begin without at least a HP health potion and MP mana potion for when the going gets real rough. Since every adventurer is different, a third potion from our options of love, luck, or a phoenix feather (for fire power or revival) is buyer's choice!

Make sure you're stocked up on at least three potions at all times! We've included a small piece of map in case you need to find us for replenishing these basic items.This set of three magic potions can be pinned onto your pocket or pack for easy reach when the time comes to heal up! It's a must have gift for any boyfriend or girlfriend geeks, gamers, and just about any kind of adventurer alike! 

*pouch may be a vinyl print OR ink stamped design depending on availability

✨ Grade: A
✨ Size: 0.76 x 1 (wxh) inches
✨ Material: Raised Gold Metal
✨ Finish: Hard Enamel
✨ Features: 'EXP+' back imprint
✨ Backing: Black Rubber Cap | Gold Butterfly Clasps
✨ Best Used On: Shirts, jackets, purses, backpacks, bags, hats, or any other kind of fabrics you can pin on!
✨ Includes: Backing card artwork with each pin

Inspiration: We're in the game of life and its important to be stocked up on potions for your daily adventure.

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