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2020 Holiday Gifts for Plant Parents: Small Business Spotlight!

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

We're all stuck inside away from the outdoors this year, and thus a huge influx of plant parents are born! Looking for the perfect gift for your favorite plant parent? Aside from shipping a plant, here are some of my top picks for this year!

Planters: $-$$

Every plant needs a planter! Instead of boring plastic planters, there's so many handmade ones out there! Yes, they are a little more expensive, but personality of not just the plant parent, but the plant itself can be expressed so much more with just the right planter! I've been drawn to a lot of concrete designs lately... perhaps it's the soothing minimalist look? Here's a few that I've come across that I loved!

  • RedThreadDIY ($): 3D printed planters with pop culture twist! They're lightweight and have a variety of colors available!

  • PropsandPop ($): Concrete made planter designs with many gaming/pop culture design offerings that tickle my love for minimalist design and gaming nostalgia

  • Tiny Cloud Ceramics ($$): Simple ceramic designs all hand thrown and fired up! They also offer custom designs and sizes can be requested at an additional cost. Other ceramic goods such as mugs and bowls are also available!

Plant Hangers: $-$$$

A small pivot from regular sitting planters...hang them from the air! Macrame has been a popular option for holding plants, and may just be that new option your plant parent loved one hasn't tried yet!

  • TangledDreamsCo ($): I love their DIY kit which can be great for any plant parent to express their true love to their plants by handcrafting their own macrame plant hanger! They also have a variety of other cute macrame products all handmade!

  • PlantingHopeLA ($$): This one's for the low maintenance air plants! Again my minimalism fancy is tickled by the beautiful simplicity of their air plant hangers!

  • Keyaiira ($$$): I think it's that minimalism that's tickling my fancy again, but their plant hammocks have just the right minimalist touch by using leather and rope to hold up their plants!

Other Plant-Themed Things: $-$$$

It doesn't have to be all about the plants! It's ultimately about the parents who keep those plants alive! So surprise your favorite plant parent with a gift from one of these small businesses!

  • Tyler Thrasher ($$-$$$): He's an awesome mad botanist who has developed a beautiful plant journal to help any plant parent explore the world of plants a little more closely! The journal itself is beautifully designed and unique gift for anyone who wants to get to know their plants and new ones better!

  • PB Corner ($): Cute stickers, cute prints, but I love her new 2021 calendar designs! Again (of course) the simple and cheery plant designs is hard to not bring cheer to any plant parent and probably the plants too!

  • Hemleva ($): They have these awesome suncatcher stickers that are a fun way to catch and share some rainbows from a sun facing window for plants, pets, and humans to enjoy!

  • Home by Faith ($): From calendars to cute comics any plant parent can relate to, she's got an assortment of products ranging from calendars to keychains for plant parents of all

  • EXP ShopCo ($): Gotta include our little plant daughters to the list! Since many plant parents so fondly refer to their plants as children, we were inspired and created our Plant Daughter pin collection!

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