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Intro to EXP Side Quests

What are side quests here at EXP? Side quests are mini adventures or tasks we at the shop are looking for help on! They're fun little optional tasks for any visitor who wishes to take a break from their daily grind to do something a little different and of course, for a reward!

How did we did we come up with side quests? Well as your friendly local shop that you've managed to stumble across in the vast digital universe, we exist to provide provisions to lift spirits when low and tokens to celebrate the experiences you've gained on your grand life journey. However, we also wanted to add to your experience by being a small part of your adventure by offering our own unique side quests! Remember, in the end they're side quests so they're always optional!

If you're interested in partaking in EXP's side quest, please visit the Side Quest page where rules and details are listed! Thank you for your interest and we wish you the best on your journey!

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